The Financial Escape Investment process

Financial Escape run risk rated ethical portfolios for our clients, these models are available in all types of tax wrapper including Personal Pensions (PP), Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP), Individual Savings Accounts (ISA's) Junior Individual Savings Accounts (JISA) and Lifetime Individual Savings Account (LISA). As well as being available simply through a General Investment Account (GIA)

As a company Financial Escape look to ensure clients hold a diverse portfolio of investments with asset allocation being the main driver and believe this is the key to a robust and efficient portfolio which is in line with the level of risk being taken.

As advisers Phil and Zac make sure our clients are taking an appropriate level of risk to match their personal circumstances. Clients who don't have a need to be exposed to excess risk aren't, and those who are aiming for higher returns are protected by proper portfolio diversification.  

A factsheet for our portfolios is available here


This portfolio typically has 40% of its value in equities (shares in publicly limited companies), the remainder of the portfolio is made up of bonds, commercial property, cash, cash equivalents and commodities.  With our appointed discretionary fund managers permissions we can reduce the equity content if we feel the market is more volatile and likely to be negative in the short term.


This portfolio is much the same as 4 however it has 50% in equities. Again, the manager of our portfolios has the discretion to reduce the equity content of this portfolio down should they feel that the current market is more likely to be negative than it is to be positive.


With portfolio 6 the equity content is 60% and the manager has the discretion to reduce this should the indicators that we use show that the markets are likely to perform negatively.


With this portfolio equities make up 70% however can be reduced when markets are volatile, this is even more important when at this level of equity because they tend to me much more impacted by market changes. 


This is the highest risk portfolio we run through a model, clients in this model will have 80% in equities which can be reduced down should we see fit. With it being higher up the risk scale we expect this portfolio to be our highest performer. 

The average client falls between those listed above, but for lower risk clients we have FE ESG 1-3 and for those with a higher appetite to risk we have the FE ESG 9 & 10 portfolios with larger equity content. All FE ESG portfolios have the same management and themes. 

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companies we have used with our

As whole of market advisers we have plenty of firms to choose from, the list below is just an example of the companies we have recommended to our clients. For full information on the companies we recommend and the reasons for use, please see your suitability report upon receipt of advice issued by Financial Escape Ltd. 

Wrap Platforms


Transact is an award-winning investment platform offering financial advisers and their clients smart technology, unrivalled support and exceptional service for a modern, efficient way to manage client investment portfolios. 

Investment Managers

Copia Capital Management 
Liontrust asset management 
Royal London Asset Management 
Sarasin & Partners
Unicorn Asset Management

Specialist investment for tax efficiency 

Stellar Asset management
Puma Investments

By detailing the providers we have used in the past for clients this should not be seen as financial advice and may not be appropriate for you. We are documenting this for information purposes only. Any financial advice given by Financial Escape Limited will be documented and issued through a financial suitability report.