Services We Provide

Financial advice is the broad term used to describe the act of advising clients on many different aspects of their financial lives and it is often misunderstood.

The team at Financial Escape aim to provide holistic financial planning across the board covering retirement, savings, investments, financial protection and mortgages. We work closely with non regulated firms such as solicitors and accountants to ensure our clients needs are fully met.

Below we explain the services that we offer in more detail along with the reasons why we feel they will help you.


Financial Planning

Financial planning is the overall phrase we use to summarise the service we provide. Every client has different goals and objectives that they would like to reach, and we help to achieve these goals in the quickest, safest and most efficient way possible. 

Financial planning is just as much about stopping our clients from making mistakes as it is recommending the most appropriate products.

Our focus is allowing our clients to live their life without the fear of their money running out. We look at each of the following sections in depth,  explaining all the options available in a way that is clear and easy to understand, allowing our clients to make an informed decision.

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Pension Advice

We cover all elements of retirement planning and advice, this includes how much to save, where you should save it and how. We calculate and plan to your unique personal goals, making sure that you have a full understanding of your options. We explain to you how taking an income works and the tax treatment involved.
Pensions are a complex area of financial advice so we make it our business to help you understand and see through the mist.

Investment and Savings Advice

When looking at investments and savings, we advise on a large range of products such as General Investment Accounts, ISA's, Bonds, VCT's and EIS's. As we are independent we offer products from the whole of the investment market and ensure they are appropriate for the level of risk you want (if any!) to take. Your investments and savings should match your objectives so that is our focus. 

Protection Advice

Protecting our clients and their families is incredibly important to us and we advise on a vast range of protection products. Each have unique benefits and we look at the type of protection needed, how much cover is required and how long for. Whether you are protecting your income, your life or from a critical illness, we are able to advise on the most appropriate products and insurer from the whole of the market. 

Self Employed and Business Advice

For a self employed individual we often find that financial priorities differ, and we aim to provide financial security and peace of mind when protecting your income and what matters to you most. Business/corporate clients also have different needs and as advisers we look to provide the correct guidance for your business, workspace, pensions and protection. 

Mortgage Advice

Zac and Phil are both qualified and able to advise on Mortgages and currently work with our existing clients to ensure their mortgage needs are met. However neither of them currently advise on new mortgage contracts.